Costco’s Yakisoba is a Japanese dish, including cooked yakisoba noodles, cabbage, black pepper, soy sauce, soybean oil, and a mix of vegetables, sugar, and Sesame Oil, garlic puree.

The Costco Ajinomoto Vegetable Yakisoba is considered as one of the most convenient meal. Whether you are able to use your microwave or stove, to make this healthy meal ready quickly.

There could be many side dishes to serve with that. Some of the best ones are kimchi, cucumber salad, Kimchi. Let’s see what are costco yakisoba noodles dishes:

1. Cucumber salad 2. Edamame 3. Kimchi

vegetable mix in Yakisoba Costco included broccoli, Chinese peas pods, water chestnuts, edamame soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus and red bell peppers

People from all walks of life, especially kids, love the attractive colors from the vegetables. You could eat these tasty frozen noodles for your lunch or dinner.