Costco Soup   Dumplings

 A Delicious Addition to Your                Culinary Repertoire

These steamed chicken and vegetable dumplings have great flavor as well as filling. Though Costco has a variety of yummiest meals, nothing can take the place of Bibigo steamed dumplings.

Undoubtedly, the soup dumplings have tremendous flavor. The filling has a great combination of chicken, vegetables, and tofu, giving an excellent chew.

Costco Soup Dumpling Calories

Dumpling Filling in each bite-sized dumpling is perfectly spiced with a mix of onions, jalapenos, and red peppers, creating that special combination of flavors that defines these dumplings.

With convenient cooking instructions and flavorful Soup Dumplings dipping sauces included, they make for a satisfying meal option. While the price may vary by location, the unique offering of six dumplings per tray sets Costco apart.

Cooking Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Costco Soup Dumplings