Costco Food Menu

Costco Food Menu

Perfect Pairing for Costco Sushi

If you’re looking for a delicious lunch or dinner, Costco sushi platters are the best choice. Its rolls are fully cooked that are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. These fresh sushi rolls are perfect not only for your lunch or dinner but also it could serve you as a snack! On the other hand, they come at an affordable price range. Let’s start to know more about this meal and its ingredients.

About Costco Sushi

Costco is one of the best retailers producing high quality and affordable food items. One of its best products is a fresh sushi which is offered in different varieties ranging from seafood to vegetable-based rolls. The noticeable thing about Costco’s fresh sushi is that you are never free to eat pre-made sushi at all. In order to have fresh sushi, Costco members always avoid stocking sushi for too long a time.
Moreover, freshly made sushi is a convenient option for those shoppers who don’t have easy access to a Japanese restaurant.

Costco Sushi

Costco Sushi 2024 Prices

The prices for Costco sushi in 2024 depends on the type of roll or nigiri. The prices are between $5 for a simple salmon and $15 for more complex one. As you see, sushi offered in a Costco warehouse is reasonably priced.
Due to yearly changes in price of sushi tray; Let’s discover more about its latest price:

  • Nigiri combo: $13.89
  • Salmon Sashimi: $22
  • California crunch deluxe sushi: $10.50
  • Real crab: $11
  • Wasabi crunch: $9
  • Crunch deluxe: $17

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What Kinds of sushi does Costco sell?

Costco is famous for its variation in selling sushi options. Some of them are offered including:
California rolls: this prepared sushi ingredients are crab meat, avocado, and cucumber, and spicy tuna rolls. And it is made with spicy tuna and avocado.

Moreover, they also prepare more unique and tasty options like lobster rolls and rainbow, this type of sushi is made of colorful assortment of fillings topped with sliced fish. Costco also offers platters of sushi, perfect for large gatherings or parties. They include a variety of sushi platters.

Costco Sushi

Kirkland Signature Sushi Counter

Kirkland Signature is a private label brand owned by Costco Wholesale Corporation. They produce groceries, household items, apparel, and electronics. Now, Kirkland Signature Sushi counter is a famous name for sushi lovers in Costco.
They also sell a wide range of sushi options and customers can choose from classic options to new sushi. In addition to Costco Sushi, the counter also offers poke bowls and other Asian salads.

What Should be Served with Sushi Platters?

Although you could serve a Costco Sushi platter by itself, preparing it with other side dishes would be a perfect idea. Here are some of these:

Miso soup: from the past, this soup served as a starter to cleanse the palate before the sushi.
Edamame: this side dish is lightly salted steamed soybeans, is a delicious appetizer that compliments sushi.
Seaweed salad: this salad can also be served as a side dish to add some extra flavor and texture to pre-prepared sushi.

Costco Sushi

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