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Costco Organic Milk Review

Did you know that there is some Costco Organic Milk out there which is way more healthy than the regular milk that many of us consume daily? Today, I will be introducing you to this kind of milk which is derived from cows that eat from pure forage and organic feed. What’s more, these cows are literally free from any additional hormones, growth promoters, or pesticides. They are 100% grass-fed and have access to Pasteur; however, its price might be a little bit high due to its values. Just keep reading because we’ll dive into that part as well, but first let’s see where you can find this pure Organic Milk.

well, we’ve all heard that Costco is one of the world’s largest warehouses that sells almost everything. So, you can clearly get it at Costco stores. Costco provides this organic milk from many different brands such as Horizon. Horizon organic milk Costco is considered to be the best one in the whole world. furthermore, Costco Kirkland organic milk follows all of the United States Department of Agriculture’s criteria.

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t contain any sorts of growth-regulating hormones and antibiotic which are basically used to prevent the infections in cows and to expand the milk production; therefore, Costco organic milk can also be perfect for kids and toddlers since it doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

Now, let’s talk about this super healthy product’s prices. before going any further, I must say that for such a good quality it is definitely budget friendly, so feel free to confidently purchase it.

Costco Organic Milk

But how much does the Costco Organic Milk cost?

• Costco’s organic milk price is $10.69 (for organic milk 2%) and $9.99 (organic milk 1%), but note that these are the old rates.
• Costco organic milk price 2024 is $10.99 (organic milk 2%) and $10.49 (organic milk 1%).
• Whereas, Costco Kirkland’s organic whole milk price is $3.29.

You might be wondering why the Costco Organic Milk is expensive!?!

In production of the organic milk, 100% healthy cows are accepted because a sick cow is not allowed to have antibiotics according to United States Department of Agriculture rules. Likewise, the addition of insect-resistant pesticides results in larger crop yields and vice versa; the crops without pesticide protection will have a lower yield. This conveys that if the cows are fed less grass because of less yield, they result in producing less amount of milk as well. So the reason why this product may seem a bit expensive is that the demand is so high meanwhile the milk supply is a little amount.

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Is Costco Organic Milk Grass-Fed?

Now let’s answer this question for one last time. The answer is obviously yes. Costco’s Kirkland organic milk is totally grass-fed which means that it’s taken from the cows that only fed on the grass. In comparison with the regular milk, Costco organic milk contains twice the amount of DHA and omega-3 fatty acids just because it follows all of the USDA criteria.

As a result, Costco’s organic whole milk, which hasn’t had its fat content removed, offers numerous health advantages to both children and adults. Omega-3 fatty acids are quite beneficial for children’s heart and brain health. In addition, it includes enough amount of protein and calcium which are great for making the bones and muscles strong.

Is Costco Organic Milk Grass-Fed?

what are some different brands of the Organic Milk that are offered at Costco stores?

Below, we’ll be discussing about them all in full details.
Let’s start with the first brand called:

Costco Horizon Organic Milk:

from 1985 up until today, the Horizon Organic has been one of the greatest and most successful producer of dairy products in the United States. No need to mention that, these products are absolutely organic and come in high-quality.

Horizon Organic milk is derived from cows that can graze on pastures and have to feed on only organic feed. In addition, these cows are not subjected to any antibiotics or growth hormones. This product follows the strict organic standards which are established by the USDA; therefore, the USDA has certified Horizon Organic milk as completely organic.
The second one is:

Silk Costco Organic Milk:

Danone owns this plant-based milk brand. They offer different kinds of organic plant-based milks, such as: almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, and oat milk. Additionally, Silk organic plant-based milks are kosher and vegan which are basically produced with non-GMO components.

Costco Organic Milk So Delicious:
This brand is also owned by Danone. They sell almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and oat milk which are all organic plant-based milks. In fact, So Delicious organic brand has almost all of the Silk brand features. They are also vegan and kosher with non-GMO ingredients.

Silk Costco Organic Milk:

Costco Organic Milk Califia Farms:

Califia Farms was first founded in 2010 which is plant-based milk. They offer various groups of organic plant-based milks like almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk. They are gluten-free and created with non-GMO elements. Moreover, they are certified to be kosher and vegan.

In conclusion, such milk has a top notch quality and is so much healthier, but some of them contain fish oil and their square-shaped plastic packaging might not suit some people’s preferences, especially those who are lactose intolerant. People with lactose intolerance can’t digest the organic milk that includes fish oil since it’d cause some GI tract issues. However, the reason this oil is added is to rise the amount of omega-3 fats which has many benefits.

Another interesting fact about Costco organic milk is that it’s processed at ultra high temperature aka UHT. In this process, the milk is heated around 2 seconds at 280 Fahrenheit which is great for sterilization. Aside from the tastes and other factors, one big difference between organic milk and regular milk is that organic milk is produced in a way to preserve the nutrients in the milk while in making the regular milk, some methods are used to kill the bacteria inside it.

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