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Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Instructions & Reviews

You can barely find someone who isn’t fascinated by chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth or enjoy the taste of chocolates, then you’ve come to the right place. Costco, the large warehouse, imports the best brands of the world so basically, you can get almost everything you want. There is an amazing cuisine section at Costco where you can buy baked, frozen, fresh and some preserved products. In addition, you can find a wide range of chocolates at Costco but nothing can be compared with the Costco hot chocolate bombs in the UK. Keep reading till the end of this article to find out why and get more info about it.

How do the Costco hot chocolate bombs taste like?

To be honest, these hot chocolate bombs taste extraordinarily delicious. They are as big as a golf ball. If you put them inside of a cup of milk, they become into a delightful chocolate milk. What’s more, you can serve it to your kids and I’ll guarantee they’d enjoy the taste so much because the hot bombs are kid-friendly. while eating them you can sense the marshmallows and cocoa powder at their very center.

Although each flavor has its own unique taste, they are all enjoyable. However, these bombs might not taste as good as the hot milk chocolate but they’re still great. For coffee lovers and those who enjoy drinking coffee in winter, this product is the best substitute. Interestingly, Costco’s hot chocolate bombs are shaped like globes which would make it easier to melt in warm milk.

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs

So, what’s the price for Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs?

As you know, Costco has many branches so it’s obvious that based on where you get this product, the prices may vary. The package contains a total of sixteen bombs, and the price for it would be $17.99. The price per bomb at Costco equals to $1.124 which is incredible for such a treat.

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What are Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Flavors?

The hot chocolate bombs at Costco contain a variety of flavors that are packaged in different colored foils, including red, yellow, silver, and green. Below, the flavors are listed:

  • Salted caramel
  • Strawberry
  • Mlk chocolate
  • S’mores

These hot chocolate bombs Costco Canada are the perfect coffee substitutes. They are filled with cocoa powder and include small marshmallow pieces. If you add some warm milk to the bombs, they tend to melt and mix the cocoa powder into the milk, while the marshmallows float on top. But don’t you find that so fascinating?
Below, we will be diving into Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bomb Flavors Review in details:

  • Salted caramel (green)
  • Strawberry (pink)
  • Milk chocolate (blue)
  • S’more (purple).
Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs

Tasting Method

I literally tasted every flavor by putting a cocoa bomb in a mug and adding hot milk to it. Even though the milk was warm, I needed to use a spoon to gently crush the cocoa bomb and help it blend better.

  1. Salted Caramel: to tell you the truth, I found this flavor to be excessively sweet. The caramel or salty undertones were somehow eliminated by the intense sugary taste, especially with the added marshmallows which reminded me of a typical hot chocolate that you would find in a regular grocery store.
  2. Milk Chocolate: Honestly, its taste wasn’t fulfilling to me at all because it kinda reminded me of the cheap Easter chocolates flavor that don’t have a true chocolate taste but instead have a somewhat cardboard-like flavor.
  3. S’more: This had a similar taste to milk chocolate, even though it was not as sweet as the salted caramel. I must mention that; the name is quite deceiving because it was nothing like the classic graham cracker flavor that were found in s’mores. Instead, it simply tasted like a basic mixture of chocolate and marshmallows.
  4. Strawberry: I should point out that, the main flavor in product was an artificial strawberry taste, with just a hint of chocolate. It was difficult to tell if the strawberry flavor was coming from the marshmallows. Overall, it had a super sweet and artificial taste.

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Nutrition:

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Nutrition

Are you wondering how you can make Costco hot chocolate bombs?

Well, you don’t have to worry a thing about it because it’s pretty easy and the preparation instruction is all written on the back of the package. It is literally the fastest way to prepare drinks. All you need to do is open the foil and combine the bomb with some hot milk. Once you add the bomb to the milk, it starts to dissolve, however, the different components of the chocolate bomb can’t get combined with the milk, and some parts sink to the bottom.

If you wanna have a great mixture, you need to stir the milk continuously. Additionally, you will notice that the small marshmallows are starting to float on the surface.
The recommended serving size is one bomb per cup of milk. Once prepared, you have a delicious and enjoyable cup of hot chocolate bombs. Don’t forget to share it with your beloved ones.

How can you store the hot cocoa bombs?

Well, it is recommended to store them in a sealed container, at roomtemperature. Moreover, it should be kept away from the direct sunlight and the heat for a maximum of 60 days. As you can guess, refrigerating them is not really necessary.

In conclusion, these hot chocolate bombs at Costco Food Menu are convenient to get and the price of them are also affordable. The hot chocolate bombs available at Costco are incredibly savory with a variety of flavors. Each flavor has its own distinctive taste, and every bomb is individually wrapped in foil. Furthermore, they can be a perfect choice for getting a refreshing feeling during the winter, and the children would also enjoy them. In my opinion the act of mixing these bombs in a cup of warm milk is certainty a delightful way to enjoy them, especially when there is no coffee left.

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