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These days everybody knows the importance of hydration. Regularly drinking water boosts your mood and immune system, but have you ever found it difficult to keep yourself hydrated? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a solution that makes you enjoy drinking all the time and that is the one and only Costco Hint Water.

Some people desire to stay hydrated but dislike the savor of water itself or for some reason don’t like filling up their body with plain water, so it can be challenging for them to keep track of their daily water consumption, but note that Costco’s Hint Water can be a great opportunity to increase your day to day water intake.

Flavored water with your favorite fruit

Well, I have to inform you that there are different kinds of water at Costco. One of them is Hint water which is available in various types of packaging. The variety pack of this kinda water comes with bottles of various flavors including watermelon, blackberries, and pineapple flavor. It is pretty much praised by the people who have tried it since it offers a selection of Hint water bottles in various fruit flavors. So, it’s suitable for all people with various senses of taste.

Hint Water Costco

Do you know why it’s called the “Hint” Water?

Well, because it contains a “hint” of various fruit essences. Interesting, huh? What’s more, these essences aren’t artificial like other sweeteners. They come from natural flavors.
You might be wondering where you can find these tasty flavored water bottles. Well, they are certainly available at your local Costco. The hint water variety pack’s item number or product code is 1308750.

How many bottles are in one variety pack?

There are 15 bottles of hint water in each variety pack that includes 3 various flavors. 5 bottles per flavor.

How much does the Costco Hint Water cost?

Costco’s Hint water variety pack costs about $14.99 which means each bottle costs only $1.00, meanwhile, you might find it to be $11.99 in some other stores, therefore; Costco water bottles’ price might differ from one place to another.

This product offers a wide range of advantages for your health. You must know that it is flavored with fruit, so not only does it freshen and hydrate you, but it also enhances the appearance of your skin. By revitalizing and brightening your skin texture, this flavored water gives you a refreshing look and of course feeling. It also reduces the puffiness around the eyes and makes them sparkling.

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Here are the different ranges of flavors that can be found in this Water:

  • Blackberry
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Peach

What is Costco Hint Water’s Nutritional value?

No need to mention that, it is clearly made of purified water infused with natural flavors which have no sugar and calories at all. It is completely vegan and doesn’t have any BPA inside of it which ensures its safety for use, so you can purchase and use this product without any concerns. Rest assured that it is a safe and healthy option since it’s free from sodium, caffeine, carbohydrates, fat, and any artificial flavors, therefore; you can enjoy it without being worried about your health. As I have already mentioned, this drink is totally sugar-free and calorie-free in contrast to other ready-made drinks, which makes it an excellent choice for those watching their intake.

Furthermore, Costco food menu offers it in bottles that can be recycled which also makes them ecologically sound.
So to answer the question of “Is it safe to consume Costco Hint Water?”, I have to say without any doubt that based on its nutrition facts, it is absolutely safe to drink.

Hint Water Costco

The next question that might pop into your head is if the Costco Hint Water is worth buying or not.
The following statements will answer your questions.

To start with, I’d like to mention that, this product lacks artificial sweeteners, sugars, and calories. It also has the minimum amount of carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol, fiber, and trace elements, so for the sake of its nutritional value, it can be a worthwhile purchase.

  • While drinking, you can distinguish a subtle fruity savor in the water.
  • Some customers have shown satisfaction with the fruity aftertaste of the flavor, whereas some others have been dissatisfied as they could barely feel any flavor.
  • It’s unrealistic to expect that all people should have an identical sense of taste. The fact is, People’s flavor preferences vary. Some individuals enjoy tropical flavors while others have a thing for berry flavors.
  • Its packaging is very exhilarating and comes with an adorable slogan on the bottle cap that says, “Water That Makes You Love Water”.
  • Instead of having a heavy sweet flavor, this water offers a light and freshening fruity essence which makes it an ideal option for people who prefer the taste of plain water more.
  • Although it may be a little more expensive than the regular water, it’s a wise option for people who consume a significant amount of water to maintain hydration.
  • The water bottles come in different flavors, so in a sort of way, you have the freedom of choice between picking the variety pack with different flavors or going for a single-flavor pack that contains only one flavor.
  • Generally, based on people’s personal preferences, the results of this product’s reviews vary from “Not worthy-buying” to “Best decision ever”.
Hint Water Costco

If you are still in doubt about buying it or not and if you are uncertain about its benefits for your health and appearance, here is what I’d say to put an end to it:

It is believed that drinking the flavored water frequently can improve the texture of your skin, enhance your energy and make your eyes look brighter, shinier, and clearer, however; it should be noted that flavored water can secretly result in tooth decay.
Now, with all that being said, the decision of trying the Hint water or not is completely up to you.

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