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Pitaya Costco Frozen Dragon Fruito – Price, Calories & Review

Tropical fruits are getting so popular these days. One of them is Costco Frozen Dragon Fruit which has a mild sweet and citrus taste. If you enjoy the taste of the kiwi and pear, you’ll probably enjoy this fruit as well since it tastes like a mixture of kiwi and pear.

You can find this fruit in both fresh and frozen form in almost all supermarkets and marts; however, you can get it at Costco with a very reasonable price. Another interesting thing about it, is its extraordinary appearance! Its skin color is bright red while the scales are green. On the other hand, inside of it there is a white pulp with black seeds.

This fruit originally comes from Mexico and Central America, so according to its origin, it’s called in different ways including; ‘Pitaya’, “Pitahaya”, and “Strawberry pear”. Apart from its looks and taste, it has so many benefits for health as well. For example, it contains antioxidant, a hint of iron and other minerals. In addition, it is high in fiber and magnesium and also low in calories.

Costco offers Pitaya Frozen Dragon Fruit. Frozen dragon fruit cubes are pretty much favored by many people since it’s easy to use. In other words, you can simply make smoothies, fruit salads, smoothie bowls, etc with them. Another amazing fact about these frozen cubes is that they are high in fiber, Vitamin C, iron, and magnesium.

You can also add these Costco Frozen Dragon Fruit cubes with dragon fruit juice Costco which makes it a perfect option to have in summer days. It’s worth to mention that, there is a brand called “Pitaya” that creates this fruit in highly organic form. So, this product’s quite healthy to use given the fact that it’s purely organic and 100% sugar free.

Costco Frozen Dragon Fruit

You can easily make use of these bite-sized organic Dragon Fruit cubes in many ways in your kitchen. For example, you can enjoy them in smoothies, smoothie bowls, cocktails, fruit salads, yogurt mixes, and many other ways. The organic Costco Frozen Dragon Fruit which is Packed with natural goodness, contains a great deal of necessary nutrients.

What’s more, you can simply enhance your daily dose of fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, and many other different vitamins by eating this amazing healthy and flavorful fruit.
The reason the Dragon fruit is stored is to make its shelf life last longer. Based on your taste buds and preferences, you can prepare Costco Frozen Dragon Fruit desserts or cocktails with it.

How much does the Frozen Dragon Fruit Costco in the year 2024 cost?

I’ve got good news for people who love food and fruits and for those who care about their diet and calorie intake; Costco stores offer the opportunity to purchase frozen dragon fruit at very affordable prices. This means that, the price for dragon fruit Costco 2023 is only $9.99. Doesn’t this sound so interesting?

This price for such quality will kill two birds with one stone. Don’t forget to memorize Organic Frozen Pitaya Dragon Fruit at Costco’s Item Number in order to get access to it quickly.

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What are some various ways to make use of Costco Dragon Fruit?

First, I must mention that there are plenty of ways to make use of this mineral and vitamin-rich dragon fruit Costco. You can boost its taste by mixing or adding it to other tasty ingredients. Additionally, this fruit is certainly a good choice for all the vegans as well since it’s a plant-based fruit and has no gluten at all.

You can also make a protein-rich dragon fruit smoothie by adding whatever protein powder you prefer with some nuts and peanut butter to it. This is probably the fastest energy drink you can make at home on your own.

Another option is Costco frozen dragon fruit blend in which you should combine other Pitaya frozen fruits such as pineapple, banana, strawberry, and mango with this frozen dragon fruit. Furthermore, blend all of the ingredients including milk or lime juice together to achieve a velvety, creamy texture for the smoothie.

For an added touch, you wanna garnish it with chocolate syrup and nuts. Then put this mixture into the freezer and let it freeze for around half an hour, and TADAAA, your super healthy and tasty frozen dessert is all set to be eaten especially on a warm summer day.

However, there’s one other way to prepare a Costco dragon fruit blend, and how’s that? Well, it is by using the yellow dragon fruit which is sweeter than the pink magenta dragon fruit. All you have to do is just peel off its skin and cut it into smaller pieces or shapes.

If you wanna make it healthier or richer in nutrition you can add yogurt to it. Kids naturally tend to like sweet fruits more than any other flavors, so I’m pretty sure this yellow dragon would suit their taste a lot and they’d ask for more of it. Moreover, you can either add this fruit to smoothies and dessert or peel off its skin and eat it as it is.

What are some various ways to make use of Costco Dragon Fruit?

Costco Dragon Fruit Nutritional Information:

Below you can see the list of Costco Dragon Fruit Nutritional Information:

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • High in fiber
  • A good source of iron
  • A good source of potassium
  • A good source of magnesium
  • Kosher
  • Vegan

This shows how beneficial the Pitaya Organic Dragon Fruit is especially for people with dietary restrictions.

What are some benefits of Costco Frozen Dragon Fruit?

Eating Pitaya Organic Costco Dragon Fruit can provide you with the following benefits:

  • It can enhance your immune system and preserve your body from illness.
  • It can aid in digestion problems since it is high in fiber
  • since it is full of potassium, it can regulate blood pressure; hence, the improvement of your heart health.
  • This fruit is pretty rich in vitamin C which is an important substance for having a healthy skin; therefore, your skin will get better if you consume it on a regular basis.
What are some benefits of Costco Dragon Fruits?

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