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Costco Fairlife Protein Shake 2024 – Price, Calories & Reviews

If you wanna have a muscular body or you do some physical activities, but you still have no idea how to get shredded I suggest that you add protein shake to your diet. However, you must be aware of its quality and originality, but don’t worry because I’m here to guide you and give you some information about the one of the best protein shakes called “Costco Fairlife Protein Shake”. This drink has a lot of advantages and it also has the ability .to strengthen your muscles

where can you find this amazing Costco Fairlife Protein Shake?

Well, as you may know, Costco is literally the world’s second biggest retail store where you can find almost anything. Costco offers a wide range of various food items that are abundant and suit almost all people with different preferences. The prices are quite affordable, which makes this place extraordinary for many customers. What’s more, its cuisine section is pretty much favored by many people because it contains a long list of various options which are of high quality and taste so delicious.

In this article we will be discussing about Costco Fairlife Protein Shake which are so tasty and at the same time make your muscles grow bigger or recover from heavy exercises. Another great benefits of this protein drink is that it is so low in sugar and high in protein. No need to mention that, Costco Fairlife Protein Shake come with a variety of flavors.

So keep reading till the very end of this article “Costco Fairlife Protein Shake” to find more details about this phenomenal energy and weight-loss drink.

Costco Fairlife Protein Shake

What’s the price for Costco Fairlife Protein Shake?

At Costco, you can buy an 18-pack of 11.5-ounce Nutrition Plan chocolate shakes for $24.99, making it about $0.121 per ounce meanwhile At Sam’s Club, the same 12-pack is priced at $16.98, which is equal to $0.123 per ounce. This means that purchasing from Costco instead of Sam’s Club would only save you two cents ($0.002) per ounce.

Can you find Fairlife Protein Shakes at Costco?

Sure, Costco offers a variety of flavors of Fairlife protein shakes that are all super tasty and creamy. As I already mentioned, this drink is perfect for people who care about their physical health or body because it can result in losing weight, gaining more muscles and becoming strong. Also, a best option for those who follow a high protein and low carb diet.
Below, you can see the list of the different flavors of Fairlife protein shakes that are available at Costco:

  1. Fairlife protein shake Costco vanilla
  2. Fairlife protein shake Costco strawberry
  3. Fairlife protein shake Costco caramel
  4. Fairlife protein shake Costco chocolate

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The Costco Fairlife Protein Shake are highly desired by many customers. They come in different ranges of delicious flavors. As previously stated, they are an excellent option for your health and body, especially if you are into having a perfect figure and gaining strength! Does Costco offer the Fairlife protein shakes? Absolutely, Costco sells them in a container that contains twelve bottles, providing a total of twelve servings per pack.

Costco also sells other kinds of liquid products such as:

  • Costco Organic Milk
  • Costco Almond Milk

Now, you might be wondering, what ingredients and how much of them are included in one serving of this Fairlife protein shake at Costco. All flavors have their own unique tastes, it’s totally up to you and your preferences of which drink you are willing to try. In each package, there are twelve servings in general. Each serving is equivalent to one bottle, which is considered to be sufficient to fulfill your desire.

Can you find Fairlife Protein Shakes at Costco?

Below, you can see the Nutritional facts of Costco Fairlife protein shake in more detail:

  • Calories 150
  • Protein 30 g
  • Total fat 2.5 g
  • Sugar 2 g
  • Carbohydrates 3 g
  • Total cholesterol 10 mg
  • Sodium 220 mg

One of the most amazing feature of this product is it is an ultra-high filtered milk, which has the purpose to remove lactose and increase the calcium content. Fairlife protein shake Costco Canada is a reliable source of high-quality protein and it is available in various delicious flavors. It is highly recommended, as it is nutritious and enjoyable to drink.

I, personally prefer, the chocolate flavored shake, mostly for its fascinating creamy blend. The Fairlife protein shake Costco Australia is also a high-quality, filtered milk that is clearly obtained from their Fairlife farms.

You can fully trust the quality of this product, as everything about it, from the ingredients to the texture and taste, is exceptional. So, if you wanna have something healthy and flavorful in your diet, don’t hesitate a second to buy this excellent product since its general nutritional profile seems to be fine.

You might be wondering if Costco still offers Fairlife protein shakes?!

You might be wondering if Costco still offers Fairlife protein shakes?!

Well, it certainly does still offer this product, you just have to look for them in stock to find it with its diverse

flavors. These protein shakes are highly recommended for those seeking to have a great deal of protein content in their meals. Additionally, they are suitable for people on a diet as it is important to incorporate protein into one’s daily intake.

Consequently, the Costco Fairlife protein shake is an ideal option especially for people who are looking forward to consume a high amount of calories in their meals. To put it simply, The Costco Fairlife protein shake fulfills all these requirements. In addition, these shakes are created by combining protein powder with water and other beverages.

In conclusion, The Costco Fairlife protein shake is both delicious and nutritious. This shake is definitely lactose-free due to a thorough filtering process, which increases the calcium and nutrient content. It is particularly suggested to individuals seeking to burn fats or have a flat belly, as it has a low fat and sugar content (approximately 2 grams). Moreover, its price may vary across different Costco locations worldwide. This protein shake is literally a great choice for those who are busy and in need of an energy boost.

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