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Costco Dry Ice – Discover Multiple Factors to Utilize Dry Ice

So many of us have faced this problem while traveling and on hot sunny days, that the cold beverages we were gonna drink in order to quench our thirst, got warm so it literally just bummed us out. Say goodbye to the old conventional methods. Today, I’m here to introduce you to a new product that keeps your drinks cold in any situation; no matter where or when.

This product is called Costco Dry Ice. In simple terms, it is a kinda carbon dioxide or CO2. Under normal atmospheric pressure, this thing isn’t in the form of liquid, but it quickly changes from a solid into the state of the gas. stay with me till the end because we are going to discover multiple factors and reasons to utilize dry ice.

Dry ice is commonly utilized for different purposes and whether it is commercial or personal. For example, you can use it if you wanna ship easily spoiled foods, or whenever you’re planning to throw a party or something you can use this product to store your drinks and food, also, at Halloween, you can use it to create a spooky atmosphere.

Not to mention that it adds a smoky and appealing touch while serving. So, generally speaking, Costco’s dry ice can fulfill all your requirements. You just have to remember to pay attention to the safety guidelines and use the dry ice with complete caution.

Costco Dry Ice

This product is a bit complex that’s why you have to handle it carefully. It comes in multiple sizes, so you should keep this in mind for adequate measures. What’s more, its price is pretty reasonable for such great quality. It effectively keeps cold drinks and ice creams cool when you are going on a trip.

By now, you are probably wondering where you can find this phenomenal product. Well, to tell you the truth, it might be a bit challenging for you to find this product, but don’t worry, I’ll give you a tip to find it as soon as possible.

Most Costco Food Menu in the whole world offer dry ice, but I have to mention that, for some factors, it is not available in all of them. First of all, you should know that based on where you live, you might be lucky enough to discover where it’s sold, but at the same time, you can always give it a shot by calling a local store to see if it sells the dry ice or not.

However, if you live in the following countries, you can rest assured that you’re able to find dry ice in Costco stores:

California, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois, Washington, and Virginia.
Dry ice is available in the freezer section, but sometimes it is put in a different section due to its specific storage requirements.

Now, the tip to find it at your local Costco store quicker is by visiting the Costco store locator or simply searching on their website, but you must also know that it is not available at Costco’s website for sale because of the precautions needed for its storage and transportation. The reason why Costco doesn’t sell it online is because Dry ice requires special refrigeration to prevent it from melting before delivery which can be quite challenging during shipping. In addition, it is sold by the pound, so it is definitely necessary to visit the store in person to get your own desired amount of dry ice.

How much is dry ice at Costco?

Actually, the price of Costco’s dry ice may differ depending on the location. Moreover, the store charges customers based on the amount they require. Typically, it costs $0.50 per pound, and don’t forget that, the price increases as the quantity increases.

How much is dry ice at Costco?

Different Factors to utilize Costco dry ice

There are several ways to make use of Costco Dry Ice, below we will explore some of them.

Carbonated drinks:

Carbonated drinks are produced by using dry ice, which allows the liquid to absorb carbon dioxide gas and create the fizzy effect.


one of the main purposes of dry ice is to keep the drinks cool and prevent them from spoiling. Furthermore, it aids in keeping the eatables frozen and fortunately doesn’t have any effects on the color or taste of the food and beverages.
Since it is high in carbon dioxide, it can effectively preserve biological materials in laboratories by killing microbes.

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Dry ice is also useful for non-cyclic refrigeration, such as delivering frozen items to customers or storing perishable goods like ice cream, meat, frozen eatables, and any other stuff, for extended periods of time.


Chemotherapy is vital for some cancer patients. In Chemotherapy, cold caps which are made with Costco Dry Ice are worn by patients to reduce the blood flow and prevent hair loss.

Laboratory purposes:

Lastly, the dry ice is frequently utilized in a variety of laboratory experiments to keep different substances frozen and it is all for its chemical material which is carbon dioxide.

Different Factors to utilize Costco dry ice:

Now, this question might pop into your mind while you’re reading about the Costco Dry Ice:

Is Costco dry ice dangerous?

To answer this question, I’ll indicate some factors below:

Costco Dry Ice is commonly used for short-term refrigeration. It has the ability to freeze the airborne water which can be pretty difficult to breathe in. You must be aware that, mishandling it can lead to significant issues, but don’t worry it pretty much depends on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) one has inhaled so be careful with that.

Besides, Costco Dry Ice can result in extreme coldness, and excessive inhalation of carbon dioxide can cause acute sickness or at some point it may even lead to death!

It is crucial to wear industrial gloves while handling Costco Dry Ice as it is severely cold and can cause sore burns and blisters.

it is also important to keep Costco Dry Ice away from barely ventilated areas since it releases dangerous levels of CO2 during melting.

Last but not least, since the human being’s skin is naturally unable to tolerate such high levels of CO2, great caution must be taken when dealing with Costco Dry Ice.

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