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Are Kirkland Coffee Beans Good?

After a long working day, early in the morning or on the nights before exams, what would really boost your energy levels and keep you wide awake? If you thought about coffee, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about the coffee beans that are offered by Costco. As you may know, you can find almost anything you want at Costco warehouses including Costco Coffee Beans. You must note that coffee beans vary from one brand to another, hence the difference in quality. So while looking for it, make sure you buy it at Costco so that you can be rest assured of its taste and quality.

Costco Coffee Beans

Do you like to know who makes Costco’s coffee beans?

The answer is totally obvious, Costco! Costco is a retailer that has so many branches all over the United States which also owns the Kirkland Signature. Notably, even Starbucks makes coffee beans for Costco, so there’s no wonder why the qualities are excellent. The Starbucks Coffee Company uses the Custom-Roast method for different types of Kirkland Signature coffee, including the 2.5-pound bags of Espresso Blend Coffee, Decaf House Blend Coffee, Regular House Coffee, and many others as well. So, if you are a Starbucks coffee fan, you will absolutely fall for this product.
Furthermore, Kirkland uses 100% ground arabica strong coffee beans, but they are dark-roasted instead of medium-roasted.

How does the Costco Kirkland Coffee Beans taste like?

Although Kirkland’s signature offers different kinds of coffee beans, they all taste delectable and rich. I must add that; no other coffee can beat the Kirkland’s Signature house blends medium roast coffee. The variety pack of it contains 2.5 lbs.

In addition, it is made from medium-roasted beans which has a medium-to-roast flavor. The texture of these beans is literally above expectation. They are non-oily, bold and creamy. For such a quality and taste, the price is unbelievable!! Moreover, the Starbucks roasts this coffee beans, so no wonder why they taste so delicious. However, the Whole coffee beans are clearly not an easy choice since you have to grind them before making yourself some coffee.

How to store this product?

In order to store them perfectly, you can transfer the coffee bag into a large ziplock bag or a coffee canister for a long-lasting freshness.

Costco Coffee Beans

What’s the price for Costco Coffee Beans?

Based on the place you’re buying this product from, the prices may vary. For a pack of luxury coffee, you must pay $18.99 and don’t forget the item number which is 6979000.
Below, a list of coffee beans that are available at Costco are shown including their price, item number, and package weight. Make sure to always visit the Costco website in order to learn the exact prices.

Costco Coffee Beans BrandPriceItem number
Peet’s coffee major Dickason’s Blend whole bean coffee, dark, 2 ibs$19.09670441
Kirkland signature house blend whole bean coffee, medium, 2.5 ibs$18.096979000
Kirkland signature Espersso blend whole bean coffee, dark roast, 2.5 ibs$18.196979200
Kirkland signature whole bean coffee, french roast, 2.5 ibs$13.591528787
Lavazza espresso Italiano whole bean coffee, medium, 2.2 ibs$16.29437484
Starbucks french roast whole bean coffee, dark, 2.5 ibs$16.5911357
Jose’s Vanilla nut whole beans coffee, medium, 3 ibs$19.19330716
San Francisco bay whole bean coffee, French roast, 3 ibs$13.17470
Jose’s organic bold dark whole bean coffee, french roast, 3 Ibs$19.1995432

Another interesting option that Costco offers is the organic whole-bean coffee which is super healthy and provides you with so much energy. In comparison with the regular coffee, this one includes more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Not to mention that, the Non-organic coffee is full of chemicals and toxins.
Below, you can see the list of organic coffee beans with their weight and prices, so make sure to choose the one that you can afford.

Costco Organic Coffee Beans brandPrice
Ruta Maya organic medium roast whole bean coffee, 5Ib$44.99
Kirkland signature USDA organic whole bean blend 2Ib, 2-pack$29.99
Kirkland signature organic Colombian Decaf whole bean coffee, 2Ibs, 2-pack$34.99
Kirkland Signature Organic Ethiopia whole bean coffee, 2Ibs, 2-pack$44.99
Kirkland signature Organic Ethiopia whole bean coffee, 2Ibs, 2-pack$39.99
Mayorga organics Mayan Blend, USDA, organic, medium roast, whole bean coffee, 2Ib, 2-pack$38.99
Ruta Maya Decaffeinated coffee, 202Ibs, 2-pack$42.99

Next question that might pop into your mind is if Costco grinds coffee beans?

The answer is yes. Costco sells the coffee grinder itself and it also grinds the coffee beans for you. The amazing fact is that; this service is totally free for Costco’s customers. Additionally, you can find the coffee grinders near the coffee beans section. What’s more, Costco is able to grind the whole beans into any portion you want. So, the choice is totally up to you.

Costco Coffee Beans

But what if you wanna bring your own coffee beans at Costco to grind?

Don’t worry a thing about bringing and grinding your own coffee beans at Costco because the good news is, Costco’s totally fine with grinding any sort of coffee beans; therefore, you are allowed to bring your preferred brands of coffee and freely ground it at Costco. However, there is one huge issue in that matter; obviously you have no knowledge on the amount of times the grinders were cleaned or what was actually put into them. No need to mention that, there’s a high possibility that, the taste of the coffee beans you’re planning to grind, would change due to the Leftover coffee bean particles.

All in all, Costco coffee beans are definitely the best option. They come in 3 forms such as light, medium, and dark roasted. All Costco whole coffee beans are of great quality; they taste good and their prices are really very reasonable. Besides, keep in mind that, you can have the bulk coffee beans for half its price when it’s on a sale.

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