Costco Amino Energy – An Effective Energy Supplement

Costco Amino Energy Drink

Feeling exhausted after a long day?

Costco Amino Energy drinks are definitely the solution to all these problems. Why? Because Amino energy includes electrolytes that are essential for maintaining hydration. Amino acids are the fundamental components of protein that can strengthen the tissues and muscles after an intense exercise session.

This supplement is very ideal for enhancing your energy levels and keeping your muscles away from shrinking. therefore; these drinks are quite helpful in muscle recovery and they also provide electrolyte support. Note that you can use this product whenever you want, but for a better result, you can consume it when you feel dehydrated, tired, or after a workout.

Costco Amino energy drinks come in various flavors. You can find these energy drinks in the sparkling water and beverage section or they can also be found in the health and fitness section at Costco. It comes in 2 forms; It is either in a can in the form of sparkling water or it is in the form of powder. You can choose between these 2 based on your own preference.

Costco Amino Energy

In this article, we will dive into all information about this product, from its price and components to how it works and affects the body.

As I already mentioned, these energy drinks come in many different flavors including watermelon and strawberry which are all sold in Costco stores. However, the strawberry burst is the most common one. Strawberry amino energy drinks contain various stimulants and energy boosters such as caffeine, taurine, green tea extract, and B vitamins. In order to help in hydration and recovery, these drinks are basically mixed with natural electrolytes like coconut water which as a result, will create a strong all-in-one supplement that can be consumed before, during, or after workouts.

Wanna know about the prices of Costco Amino Energy?

Well, I have to inform you that its price can be different from one store to another. For example, the price for a 1.51-pound pack of optimum nutrition amino energy at Costco is $39.99, meanwhile, the cost breakdown is $1.66 per ounce. It is seen that certain stores offer it for $33.99 though. Literally, based on location, the prices may vary.
If you’d like to learn about its current price, you can either visit your nearby Costco store or check out the company’s official website.

The majority of people might have some concerns about the components that exist in various products. I’m going to indicate what Strawberry Amino Energy consists of now. Well, first, you must know that the main component of this exclusive product is essentially the amino blend.

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Materials used in Costco Amino Energy

Now, follow the lines below to find out what ingredients are exactly used in this product:

Costco Amino Blend:

  • Micronized taurine
  • Micronized L-Glutamine
  • Micronized L-Arginine
  • Micronized L-Leucine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Micronized L-Citrulline
  • Micronized L-Isoleucine
  • Micronized L-Valine
  • Micronized L-Tyrosine
  • Micronized L-Histidine
  • Micronized L-Lysine Hydrochloride
  • Micronized L-Phenylalanine
  • Micronized L-Threonine
  • Micronized L-Methionine
Costco Amino Energy

Costco Electrolyte Blend

  1. Sodium Chloride
  2. Magnesium Oxide
  3. Potassium Chloride
  4. Caffeine, Green Tea Leaf Extract
  5. Green Coffee Bean Extract

As you can see these are the essential elements of this product which will enhance your strength immediately. Due to its potent constituents, this energy supplement affects your body as soon as it is drunk.
In the following sentences, the nutrition values for Costco Amino Energy strawberry burst are discussed:

Costco food menu offers the 1.51 pack of amino energy that is clearly ideal for enhancing muscle strength and maintaining hydration. Its usual serving size is 9.5 g which is equivalent to 2 dippers. In conclusion, the entire container contains a total of 72 servings.
Now, let’s find out how many calories are there in a serving of strawberry Costco Amino Energy drink.

  1. Calories 5
  2. Total carbohydrates 1g
  3. Net sugar 0g
  4. Chloride 190 mg
  5. Sodium 110 mg
  6. Potassium 45 mg
  7. What’s more, Costco’s amino acid supplements also include caffeine, electrolyte blend, green leaf of tea extract, and green bean of coffee extract which are considered to be pretty significant as well. Besides, the electrolyte blend consists of NaCl, magnesium oxide, and potassium chloride.
    Now, let’s explore the amount of these components you will receive in a single serving.
  8. Amino blend 5 g
  9. Caffeine 100 mg
  10. Green tea leaf extract 50 mg
  11. Green coffee bean extract 10 mg
Costco Amino Energy

this energy supplement is worth trying or not?!

Here, I’m going to share my own experience with you. To tell you the truth, usually in the mornings or whenever I feel like I need a midday boost, I try consuming two dippers of it to keep up my energy. I use this Costco Amino Energy stuff as an alternative to coffee and I have to admit that it has nothing less than coffee since it serves the exact same result. furthermore, it raises alertness and focus without being overwhelming; therefore, this product is highly effective in providing energy. On the other hand, Amino Energy + Electrolytes are also a great combination for increasing your energy levels.

Whenever I try to expand the amount to 3 to 4 dippers, a warm and tingling sensation absorbs me that makes me believe consuming 6 dippers has undoubtedly great potential before working out. Even though I haven’t tried to serve myself a six-scoop before a workout yet, I do feel a raise in my energy after only 2 to 3 scoops. While it may not be exactly similar to a dedicated pre-workout supplement, it undeniably elevates your energy levels at the gym. so, please try and share your experience with us.

By far we’ve learned that this product is one of the best supplements for elevating your energy levels, so if you ever started getting fatigued or dehydrated, all you need to do is mix 2 scoops of the supplement with water perfectly and drink it. This product is also very suitable for those who exercise like athletes, bodybuilders, and Sportsmen. Ultimately, if you are in need of a quick energy booster, I recommend visiting Costco to buy a pack of amino energy drinks.

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